Overhaul at E. 76th St.

Plans are being made for a complete overhaul of the intersection, which bears a large amount of daily traffic. The area of E. 76th Street North to be reconstructed is between S Birch Street and S. Atlanta Street. 

Here's the Article from Tulsa World.com: 

Plans are in development to reconstruct the intersection of E. 76th Street North and Main Street in Owasso near the end of the year.

Dwayne Henderson, city engineer for the City of Owasso, said his department is waiting on plans from American Electric Power to begin designing the relocation of several city utilities in the area before work can begin on the roadway.

The intended renovations to the intersection will stretch from S. Birch Street to S. Atlanta Street east and west of the intersection, and from W. 1st Avenue to W. 3rd Avenue north and south of the intersection. Upgrades will coincide with beautification projects that have already begun in the old downtown area.

“It’s going to bring some aesthetic improvements to that intersection, which is really the heart of our city,” Community Development Director Bronce Stephenson said. “It kind of gives folks a nice welcome to Owasso, folks who are coming in on 76th Street.”

Decorative pavement will be matched with signage and flags on street lights that reflect on updates to the newly named Redbud District, but the work will take time.

Henderson said once work begins, lanes will be left open whenever possible, but the task of removing and relocating five city utilities and replacing highway surfaces will be intricate. He estimated the intersection could be closed down for 30 days at a time throughout various points of the project.

“We don’t want to inconvenience anybody,” Henderson said. “And we’ve got a lot of traffic there, but in order to alleviate the traffic, I’ve got to inconvenience people for a while.”

In those instances, the city will put out advanced notice about lane closings and alternate routes.

As a main entrance from Highway 75 to the west, 76th Street bears a high load of daily traffic. Acknowledging the potential concern, Stephenson said the project will serve as a long-term solution.

“It makes us more efficient from a traffic standpoint,” he said. “It allows us to continue our current level of service and get even better. It also goes hand-in-hand with some of the development that’s coming to the downtown area, and it complements the great-looking architecture and the mixed use-type projects we hope to have downtown.”

Light repairs have been conducted in recent days along 76th Street, just east of the Main Street intersection. Portions of the road have suffered from inclement weather, heavy traffic and only minor repairs.

Henderson said once AEP offers a plan for relocating its power pole near City Hall (likely sometime after peak summer use), the city will begin planning the relocation of cable, fiber optic, water and sewer lines before roadway construction can begin.

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