Hillis Hollow Decor & Furnishings to Open at Seven6Main

We're so excited to welcome Hillis Hollow Home Decor & Furnishings to the Redbud District. The family owned and operated shop will be moving from their current location in Collinsville to their new home in the Seven6Main development at the start of the new year!

At Hillis Hollow, the Hillis family has a passion for people. They have a passion for bringing comfort to those they love. And how they bring comfort to those they love is through helping create the dream home for those looking to make their house their forever home. Hillis Hollow wants to help families and loved ones settle into life with love, happiness, and comfort because family is what matters. Being a family run store, they understand how important that is and are excited to be joining the Seven6main development and the Redbud District at the start of 2019.

Evan Wei-Haas

Evan has worked with numerous successful organizations and specializes in creative, cost effective digital solutions. He will communicate with you closely, every step of the way, and will obsessively work to ensure your success and confidence through beautiful, modern design.