Drip Beverage Lab Announced for the Redbud District!

In 2012 Drip The Beverage Lab was born and we have grown year over year ever since. Drip's vision and philosophy starts with the phrase customer first. Every decision they make, from their porcelain coffee mugs to the paint on the walls has always been made with the customer in mind. Treat people the way you wish to be treated. The model has worked and has been a huge success. In 2017 the business expanded into a larger space in Tahlequah and has been wildly popular year after year and we're excited to welcome them to Downtown Owasso! 

The whole Drip team is passionate about great service, great coffee, and delicious treats. Drip is an independent, family-owned coffee shop coming soon to the Seven6Main development and the Redbud District. 

Evan Wei-Haas

Evan has worked with numerous successful organizations and specializes in creative, cost effective digital solutions. He will communicate with you closely, every step of the way, and will obsessively work to ensure your success and confidence through beautiful, modern design.